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Letter Height

The height of our lettering is based on the Capital Letter Height and not The Overall Height of the Lettering

Lettering with a mixture of capital & lower case letters height will exceed the capital letter height because of the descenders that drop down below the letters baseline. Our order form will give to the overall sizes of your vinyl lettering

How Long will my line of Vinyl Lettering be ?

There are three things that determine the overall length of any line of vinyl lettering

  1. The height of the vinyl lettering.
  2. The font used for the line of vinyl lettering.
  3. The characters or letters of the alphabet used in the line of vinyl lettering.

Our online vinyl lettering order form will automatically calculate you the cost of your vinyl letters, give you the maximum overall height of your line of lettering, plus it will give you the maximum estimated overall length for that line of lettering. This means you will know the maximum sizes of your vinyl lettering prior to placing any order with us online.